Monday, April 15, 2013

“Stranger at Your Door” from Dallas Police Department

“Stranger at Your Door” from Dallas Police Department

From: Blue Alert News Desk

Everyone should read this from the Dallas Police Department. This could happen to you.

The Dallas Police Department would like to remind the public to use caution when dealing with a stranger knocking at their door. It could be a solicitor or someone asking for help. Not all circumstances are the same;therefore, take the time to assess the situation and use your best judgment. If someone is telling you that they are having an emergency and they need to call 911, don’t feel obligated to open your door. You could always look through a peep hole or a side window and try to gather information as to what the emergency is concerning. You can call 911 for them. Ask the individual basic questions such as: what’s the emergency? Is anyone hurt? Get a suspect description if applicable. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable opening your door, don’t do it. Evaluate the situation and call 911.

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