Saturday, May 23, 2015

Virginia Fraternal Order of Police: 'Blue alert' law will save lives

Virginia Fraternal Order of Police: 'Blue alert' law will save lives

There is a new effort to keep our men and women in uniform safe. You have heard of amber alerts for kids, and now there is a new national blue alert law on the books for police.

"I don't know what I would do without my husband," said Chesterfield resident Kelly Wince. "He's my best friend."

Kelly Wince has watched the local reports in horror…Waynesboro Reserve Police Captain Kevin Quick abducted and murdered…Trooper Junius Walker shot and killed during a traffic stop.

"It makes me sad because that could be my husband," said Wince.

This wife of Officer Richard Wince is happy there is a new blue alert law that will create a national notification system meant to alert the public to assaults on police officers, those who are missing in the line of duty, and threats against officers.

"What people have to understand is if someone will kill a police officer," said Kevin Carroll with the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police. "They'll kill anybody."

Carroll is convinced this blue alert will save lives.

"It gives the information the information that we need to get out to the community," said Carroll. "So the community can give feedback to us and perhaps get a dangerous criminal off the street."

22 states, including Virginia, already their own forms of blue alerts. This national system is meant to help spread those alerts faster across the country.

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