Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dedication ceremony held for fallen Texas DPS officer

Dedication ceremony held for fallen Texas DPS officer 

CASS COUNTY, Tx. - Texas DPS hosted a special dedication ceremony Wednesday for a fallen officer in Cass County.

Captain Robert Ray Jones was accidentally shot and killed in 1983 by a fellow officer who was demonstrating weapon-handling techniques.
A scale facility in Queen City has now been named in Jones' honor. 
It's been more than 30 years since Captain Robert Ray Jones' accidental death, which is about the same amount of time he served with the agency. 
Mike Jones says his father was dedicated to law enforcement.  
"They never forget. It's an amazing thing that they are doing this for my father," said Jones.

A resolution was read dedicating the Queen City scale facility in memory of Captain Jones. 
Several current and retired Texas troopers attended the event. 
"He was a super fella to work for, the most important thing is that you always knew where you stood with him," said Retired Major Wendell Miller.

Jones was former marine and professional baseball player for a farm team with the New York Yankees. 
Miller remembers Jones was a trooper's captain and says the memorial is well-deserved. 
"He served his country, his state and his family so well," explained Miller. 
Texas DPS Director Steven McGraw says Jones' service represents all the agency stands for.    
"He was an extraordinary man and did extraordinary things, like many of our troopers everyday, he risked his life to protect Texans," said McGraw.  
According the Officer Down Memorial Page Foundation, there have been 60 officers in Texas killed by accidental gunfire since 1858. 

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