Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Alert Foundation needs your Support


As some of you may know, many families of fallen victims in law enforcement may struggle once they lost their main source of income. Some law enforcement agencies may not be able to keep staff members due to budget cuts as well. 

With the Blue Alert Foundation, the mission is to help families of fallen victims in as many ways as possible, and to also keep the Blue Alert system alive by notifying the community of criminals as well. Without the support and donations, Blue Alert Foundation would not be able to help those who are really in need, and to keep the communities safe from those who put the fallen law enforcement members in harm. Let’s look at some of the ways that Blue Alert Foundation has helped people all over the country, and how it can protect many families in the near future.

The Blue Alert Foundation helps with keeping up the equipment to provide information about the crimes that are being done in the community. When it comes to sending out this valuable information to the media and other broadcasting services, Blue Alert Foundation is able to help fund these sources so the information is sent out to the community. 

The Blue Alert foundation also helps law enforcement agencies that cannot afford certain equipment to keep the agency running safely as well. It’s hard for some agencies to provide their men and women with the proper equipment to keep themselves safe in the community on a daily basis. When this occurs, there is a higher chance for criminals to get away with crimes due to the lack of safety within the agency in that state.

Most families are not able to support themselves when they lose a love one. The Blue Alert Foundation helps these families by providing supportive fundraisers for the fallen heroes within the communities. There is no better way to show support by donating to the Blue Alert Foundation to help those in need. 

It is very important that Blue Alert should be in every state because that way if there are families that are not able to support themselves when one of their family members on active duty have been killed, then the Blue Alert Foundation is there to help those fallen families.
It is very important that donations keep the Blue Alert Foundation active. Without donations, the Blue Alert Foundation is not able to help the local and state wide law enforcement agencies with keeping equipment to help our men and women who risk their lives every day. Donations to the Blue Alert Foundation will able to help those families in traumatic situations.  

Finally, the support from those in the community will also help Blue Alert Foundation to get the information out about those criminals that are trying to escape the justice system, by sending out alerts and valuable information through the media, broadcasting, and through the Blue Alert system.

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