Saturday, September 29, 2012

Salina cop shot in face released from OKC hospital

Salina cop shot in face released from OKC hospital

SALINA, Kansas (KSN) -- A Salina police officer shot in the face during a Friday morning standoff and has been released from the hospital but the department tells KSN he still faces a long road to recovery that will include several surgeries.

The stand off started after midnight in the 300 block of North 13th Street.

According to police, at around 11:30 p.m. Thursday a Cadillac was taken from the 1100 block of North 5th Street.

A few minutes later, the Cadillac was then found in the 300 block of North 13th Street behind a home.

Officers arrived at the house was told the suspect was in the basement.

When officers entered the house, the suspect, identified as Marijon Gadson, fired multiple shots and hit one officer, identified as Chuck Huen in the face.

"No police chief or police employee ever wants to hear something like this about a fellow employee," said Chief James Hill, Salina Police Department.

One officer returned fire as the other officers went to Huen's aid.

Officers backed out of the home, called an ambulance, and summoned the Special Response Team.

Neighbor Sheryl Reyes said she heard the incident and is shocked it happened so close to home.

"I know Salina's not free of crime. It's all over you just have to deal with it."

After repeated attempts to talk to the suspects, SRT entered the home and found Gadson dead in the basement.

Huen was rushed to Wichita and then transfered to an Oklahoma City hospital where doctors released him on Saturday.

"I think the officer is going to recooperate. The first thing about being shot in the head or face is surviving it, and he survived it," added Hill.

Salina police say Huen was a 10 year veteran of the department. 

The last officer injured in a shooting in Salina happened back in 1986.

As for the suspect, he had a criminal history.  

The Salina Police Department says they are lucky there were not more officers shot in the altercation.

Upon request of the Salina Police Department, the KBI has been contacted to conduct the investigation.

The Salina Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #68 have set up a relief fund for Officer Huen.

If interested, you may donate to Bennington State Bank to the "Chuck Huen Relief Fund", or call 785-827-5522.

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