Sunday, September 1, 2013

Moving Toward a National Blue Alert System | At the Ready Magazine - A Magazine for First Responders

Back in May 2008, the state of Florida implemented an “Officer Down” alert system, and in August of that same year Texas implemented a “Blue Alert.” Similar to the “Amber Alert,” and following the same protocols, the programs in these states expedited information and asked for help in locating suspects who had either killed or gravely injured Law Enforcement Officers, and who were still on the run.

Since then, 17 states have implemented the program, with Connecticut coming online October 1st. There have been two attempts to make this a national alert program.

   Two years ago, the House of Representatives introduced a bill to make the Blue Alert System a national program. The bill, H.R. 365, was introduced in January of 2011 and passed in May 2012, but the Senate Bill, S. 657, never went to the floor for a vote. Tom Berry, founder of the National Blue Alert, is hopeful that this year the results will be different. <more>

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