Thursday, September 19, 2013

OBPD Officer Mike Stockwell Remembered

Officer Mike Stockwell
Mike Stockwell was born and raised in south Baldwin county. Tuesday night they didn't just lose a police officer, they lost a friend.
Black ribbons and a steady stream of condolence calls, "This is Chief Wilkins," as news spreads officer Mike Stockwell has been killed.
"A lot of people here are shook up." Police chief Billy Wilkins was there shortly after the call came in around nine o'clock. A two car collision, Stockwell's SUV upside down in the northbound lane of Foley Beach Express. A smaller car with front end damage still sitting in the intersection of county road 12.
"It's not just a co-worker that some of these people, some of our officers have known for five or ten years. Some of our officers have literally known him since they were in high school and longer than that," says Wilkins.
In the light of day the scene is no less tragic and while police officers and investigators use these clues to figure out exactly what happened the city of Orange Beach is in mourning,
"Our hearts are heavy with our situations that are at hand," says city administrator Ken Grimes. Ironically it was "employee appreciation day" in Orange Beach. What was suppose to be a celebration took on a new meaning.
"It's just hard," says mayor Tony Kennon. "They are so under appreciated till we lose one and then we realize what we lost. Mike's in good hands. I don't worry about Mike. I worry about his family and those folks left on this earth grieving his loss."
The loss is being felt by so many. "This is so sad to see us lose someone," says Allen McElroy. "He was a very fine officer."
Funeral arrangements were released late this afternoon. It will be Friday at St. Marks Lutheran church in Elberta
Visitation will begin at 11 o'clock with services starting at 2.

Burial will follow at Pine Rest Memorial Park, in Foley.

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