Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reagan County Sheriff Deputy Shot, Killed In Big Lake Standoff

Deputy Josh Mitchell
Reagan County Sheriff Deputy Shot, Killed In Big Lake Standoff


10 hours into a police stand off that began with a fatal gun shot to Deputy Josh Mitchell and law enforcement have not been able to contact the suspect barricaded in a home on N. Main Street. The MPD robot is now being used as a tactic, being remotely controlled while it's inside the residence.



An armored vehicle has arrived to the scene.



Law enforcement officers are still surrounding and monitoring the house where the shooting suspect has barricaded himself for more than 6 hours.

According to CBS 7’s Shelley Childers, the inside of the house appears to be pitch black.

A command center has been setup at 12TH and Texas. Meanwhile, some neighbors tell us that despite being scared, they cannot keep their eyes off of the situation happening on their street.



The Red Cross of San Angelo is on scene, providing food and drinks to law enforcement officials as they continue to work the standoff involving the shooting suspect.


August 1, 2012


CBS 7 Shelley Childers reports the scene has become quieter as officers prepare to make their first contact with the suspect. Crews have also assembled a small robot to be used in their negotiating efforts.


UPDATE: 10:10 PM

According to The Big Lake Wildcat:
Reagan County Sheriff Deputy Josh Mitchell was shot this afternoon. He was taken to Reagan Memorial Hospital where he died of his wounds.

Shooting suspect has barricaded himself inside a home near 12th & Main in Big Lake. Law enforcement officers have home surrounded.

Public is asked to stay away from the area as the situation is very dangerous.



Our reporter in Big Lake says there is a heavy law enforcement presence with Marshals, DPS Troopers, Deputies and Police Officers.

Large lights have also been set up in the area of the shooting.

We are updating with pictures or video as soon as possible,

Keep it here for further updates.



A member and worker at First Baptist Church of Big Lake has confirmed that they are opening their church for a few people who have been displaced by the current stand-off in Big Lake. He tell us a few people are there right now and that others are coming in to pray. He also confirms that a deputy has been shot.


BREAKING NEWS:  Working to confirm reports of a possible shooting involving an officer in Big Lake. Surrounding counties tell us they have officers assisting and DPS troopers are on the way. A witness on the scene says a standoff is underway. We have also learned that the city of Midland Command Vehicle is on the way to Big Lake to assist in the situation. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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