Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mich. Man Charged With Threatening to Shoot W.Va. Sheriff's Deputy

Mich. Man Charged With Threatening to Shoot W.Va. Sheriff's Deputy

Aug. 09--A Michigan man has been accused of threatening to shoot a Monongalia County Sheriff 's Department deputy when he's off duty.

James P. Hunt, 33, of Redford Township, was arrested for threatening to commit a terrorist act. He was being held at North Central Regional Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond Wednesday.

According to a criminal complaint: Hunt was found passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle stopped on the Interstate 79 southbound exit ramp at Goshen Road.

Hunt provided a name to police that wasn't found by MECCA 911. He said he was traveling to the Greyhound bus station in Pittsburgh to meet someone. He also said he had been traveling state to state and was very tired.

While police were investigating, Hunt repeatedly tried to enter his vehicle. He ignored commands instructing him not to do so, opened the driver's side door and tried to grab something from the storage panel.

Deputy D.W. Wilfong said a Jennings .38-caliber handgun, loaded with a full magazine, was found in the driver's side door. A hydrocodone pill and $680 in cash were found in Hunt's pocket.

The vehicle's center console was covered in what appeared to be marijuana "shake," hollowed-out cigars and ashes.

During transport, Hunt asked Wilfong and another deputy if they could keep any cash they found in his vehicle and let him go.

Hunt began threatening Wilfong during processing. He said he would bust Wilfong's vehicle windows when he saw him outside of work, threatened to "take care of " Wilfong and advised him to "always have a gun and watch [his] back."

Hunt also threatened to show up at Wilfong's off-duty job. Wilfong said Hunt repeatedly threatened to shoot him.

Seven misdemeanor charges are pending for Hunt, according to the complaint.

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