Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Suspect in Deputy Barbara Pill's murder wants out of jail |

Deputy Barbara Pill
Suspect in Deputy Barbara Pill's murder wants out of jail |

One of two suspects accused in the murder of a Brevard County deputy wants out of jail.

Andria Kerchner was with her boyfriend, Brandon Bradley, when he shot and killed Deputy Barbara Pill during a traffic stop in March.

Kerchner was in court Wednesday as her defense attorney, Michael Bross, tried to make the case that 19-year-old Kerchner was along for the ride and there's not enough evidence she committed a crime to hold her in jail.

Andria Kerchner
She is hoping Judge Morgan Reinman will allow her to bond out of jail until her trial.

Prosecutors questioned the sheriff's lead agent.

"She handed him the firearm," said Agent Don Reynolds.

Prosecutors are trying to show the judge there is enough evidence of her involvement in the killing to keep her locked up.

Authorities said Bradley actually pulled the trigger, killing Pill. He remains jailed, awaiting trial and could face the death penalty.

In one recording, Kerchner actually claimed Pill forced her to stay in Bradley's SUV after the deadly traffic stop.

"I was trying to get out. I was trying to get out. She told me to wait till he got out first. (Inaudible) she can't talk. She's dead," said Kerchner.

Kerchner's defense attorney has been trying to make the case that Kerchner wasn't clear-headed or in control.

"Did you take a blood test to determine what drugs, if any, were in her system at the time of the event?" asked Bross.

"I did not specifically do that," said Reynolds.

Pill's widow and two sons, both in law enforcement, watched from the front, sitting silent as the details of their mother's death were laid out for the judge.

Kerchner's attorney insisted recorded statements be played in court.

The judge plans to hold a second part to this hearing and then make her decision.

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